There are many dog breeds to have as pets. However, some are more common as pets due to some of their characteristics.

Long-tailed boxers are also popular as pets. They are among the most popular breeds in the US, primarily due to their enthusiastic and playful nature. They are also very dedicated dog breeds who make good companions to humans.

Here’s a look at the boxer dog and the advantages of having one as a pet.

About Boxer dog

Boxers are intelligent and loyal pets. They love playing with their human companions and require regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. They are intolerant of the heat and need to be taken good care of to keep them from overheating.

Boxers are muscular, stocky, and powerful dogs. Here are some facts on boxer dogs:


Weight (male): 65 – 80 lbs

Weight (female): 50 – 65 lbs

Height (male): 24 inches

Height (female): 22 inches


Brachycephalic (squashed face)

Floppy ears, droopy eyes


Length: Short

Colors: Fawn, brindle

Grooming Requirements: Low


Energy level: highly energetic

Exercise needs: Less than 40 minutes a day

Lifespan: 8 – 10 years

Tendency to bark: Low

Attention-seeking level: High


Boxers are known to be straight descendants of Bullenbeisser breeds crossed with the bulldog, mastiff, Great Dane, and sometimes even a terrier. 

Boxers get their names from how they use their forepaws to play, similar to human boxers. These dogs were imported to the US after World War I. Boxers became very popular in the US after 1940.

Boxers are working dogs. They were one of the first breeds that were used by the police and also as seeing-eye dogs.

However, boxers were also bred as guard dogs and to provide companionship to humans. They are renowned as loyal family pets and love to be around children.


Boxers are intelligent dogs. They are a highly energetic dog breed. They are playful and love to run around being busy. They can’t stay a minute without doing anything. If so, they could quickly get bored.

Their temperament reflects their breeding. Their fiercely loyal and good companions are why they are popular as home pets. They will guard their family against strangers and be highly protective of their owners.

Boxers are not known as dogs that bark excessively, except for a few exceptional cases. They bark for a specific reason, like when they see strangers or detect signs of danger nearby.

Many boxers are vocal. However, some could make a growling sound which is their way of talking.

The 4 Advantages Of Having A Long-Tailed Boxer

A long-tailed boxer is a great asset to a family. Many families prefer to have boxers as pets due to their playfulness, good companionship, and protective nature.

Here are some of the advantages of having a long-tailed boxer.

1. They Are Good Companions

Boxers have a high need for companionship. They make excellent companions for humans. If they don’t get companionship, they could show destructive behavior. It is why it’s essential to provide boxers with companions.

That is also part of why boxers are popular as pets and are good at being so. 

Boxers are suitable pets for those with time to spend with them. They are also ideal for large families with at least one person to be with the dog.

2. They Can Live In The City Or Countryside

Boxers are high-energy dogs. They must have a way to release the energy they have within themselves. 

However, boxers can live in apartments in the city or even in a house in the countryside. It is alright as long as you can provide your boxer with the required exercise in an urban area.

If you live in the city, you must take your boxer out for a walk and exercise regularly. Make sure to use an appropriate dog collar when taking your dog out to public areas like parks.

If there is no way for the dog to release its energy, it might become destructive.

3. They Are Easy To Groom And Maintain

Boxer’s coat is short, so it is easy to maintain. It also means that it won’t get matted quickly.

Their coats will be bright and shiny as long as they have a good diet and are provided with essential nutrients. You should also give your boxer occasional baths and regular rub-downs or brushings.

Their short coat means they need protection from the cold, so you must ensure they are well-protected during winter.

4. They Are Playful And Fun

Boxers are playful dogs that are fun to be with. Most people love to have them as pets also due to this reason.

Boxers are especially fond of children. Children also get along well with boxers, although they need to be under supervision.  They love to run around, play with children, and release their energy this way—boxers like to stay busy all the time.

Caring For A Long-Tailed Boxer

Boxers are easy to maintain. Their coats are short, so they require less grooming. Brush its coat a couple of times a week. Boxers don’t shed a lot, but regular brushing ensures that any fur doesn’t fly.

Boxers are usually very clean and must be bathed about once a month. It is when you must clean their ears and trim their nails too.

You must clean your boxer’s teeth every day to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

Long-Tailed Boxer Health

Boxers are typically healthy dogs. Approximately 40% of boxers could be impacted by a genetic disease where the heart muscle is replaced by fatty tissue, which causes an irregular heartbeat. 

Some of the symptoms of this issue are shortness of breath, fainting, and difficulty exercising.

Other health issues in boxers include degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, and tumors.

Show your boxer to a vet to rule off these health issues and to keep its overall health status in check.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages to having a long-tailed boxer as a pet. These dogs are excellent companions and can be very playful with family members. They also protect their families as guard dogs. 

Boxers require significantly less grooming due to their short coats. It means you need to put less effort into taking care of your pet boxer. These factors make it even better to have this breed as a pet.

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