Many dogs will be without leashes when you and your dog go on walks, but this is never a smart idea. Leashes don’t restrict your dog’s freedom unnecessarily, and research shows that they actually keep dogs safer. In addition to being crucial to their health, leashing can also improve the quality of your walks together.  Leashes come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs to meet your needs and those of your dog. If you try one and don’t like it, try another. In this article, we’ll talk about why leashes are so important, and how to get the perfect leash for your dog and your circumstances.

Best dog leash

RIFRUF Commuter Dog Leash


The RIFRUF Commuter Dog Leash is ideal for active dog owners. The adjustable slider lets you wear it three ways to find the most comfortable. Over-the-shoulder and waist-worn styles are hands-free. If you like, wear the leash around your wrist. The single sliding hardware lets you draw the leash up and down for your activities.  This helps when carrying groceries, walking multiple pets, or pushing a baby stroller. The electro-plated metal clip can attach onto any harness or collar, and the polyester-based rope can endure 650 lbs. Even strong pullers can’t break the clasp.

The 73-inch leash allows your dog to explore the world ahead of you. Since of its length, the Commuter is the greatest dog leash since your dog can roam without yanking on it. Black, red, purple, and cream leashes are offered. Leashes can match your dog’s coat or personality due to the range of colors. You can mix and combine hues. It’s ideal for those who respect appearances even when walking Fido. The light rope is perfect for nighttime walkers. Thus, you and your pet can walk safely at night. The RIFRUF Commuter Dog Leash keeps your dog safe when walking or running errands.

PetSafe Premier Nylon Dog Leash


Manager at Pup culture Soho Stephanie Galas agrees with the advice of multiple professionals that “the simplest leash is your best leash.” This inexpensive PetSafe leash is “not too long, not too short,” according to Galas, and is ideal for keeping your dog from running ahead of you as you walk. It is available in four-foot and six-foot lengths and three various widths. “The basic nylon leash provides control and safety, especially during training and unfamiliar situations,” Burch notes, so it has her stamp of approval as well. Furthermore, it is durable, comes in six different hues, and requires little maintenance.

Best double-ended leash

Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer with Rover, calls this her “everyday go-to leash” because of how versatile it is. You can wear it as a standard six-foot leash, a shorter 3.5-foot leash, or a looped leash that slings across your body for hands-free walking thanks to its two clips and three D-ring attachment points. You may attach it to your dog’s collar and harness with a double clip for maximum security.

You can use the cross-body attachment if you’re in a crowded place where your dog has to be heeling close by. It’s easy to extend it if you’re at a park or on a hike and can give your dog additional leash-free time,” she says. It comes in six different colors (black, blue, red, purple, sky blue, and hot pink) in two sizes (small/medium, five-eighths of an inch broad) and medium/large (one inch wide).

Best rope leash

Annie Grossman, owner and co-founder of School for the Dogs training institution and Store for the Dogs, enjoys Found My Animal’s elegant, useful leashes. She explains, “It has a very solid clasp, like a carabiner-style brass clasp, and there’s a clasp on both ends, which is nice because you can walk two dogs and hold it in the middle.” The leash, made from hand-spliced marine-grade rope that’s reinforced at the ends to prevent fraying, is strong enough to handle big dogs or persistent pullers, but it’s available in three widths—quarter-inch, three-eighths of an inch, and half-inch—and nine colors to suit a variety of breeds.

Two O-rings let you wear it over your shoulder or around your waist. Fraser recommends attaching the two carabiner clasps to the dog’s collar and harness if you’re walking one dog. “If one piece fails, your dog is still attached to you,” she explains. “It can literally save your dog.” Found My Animal is popular with Strategist dog parents: Former audience growth director Stephanie Downes’ dog Oak has the brand’s gray upcycled rope leash. She bought it for the matte-gray rope’s elegance, but after a few months, she loves the hardware’s functionality. She says, “The lockable carabiners are very sturdy, without being too heavy for Oak’s eight-pound frame,” and the handy O-rings make it easy to “slip the leash around my wrist or waist.”

Best (less expensive) rope leash


Grossman prefers this Mendota Products rope leash for its affordability and style. “It’s a nice, sturdy, inexpensive nylon leash that comes in a couple of widths and lengths.” She recommends a leash length that bends when walking. This leash comes in four- and six-foot lengths. “You don’t want a dog who’s out at the leash,” she explains. “Maybe if there’s a parade of squirrels across the street, you’ll need your leash, but 99 percent of the time it should just be there as a safety precaution.” The machine-washable leash is waterproof polypropylene with oil-tanned leather embellishments. It comes with large and small clips and as a slip-style training collar and leash. All sizes and styles come in stripes, confetti, and checkerboard colors and patterns.

Best reflective leash

Bowers reminds us that, especially in cities, walking your dog at night requires something that shines. Her preferred Wilderdog leash provides “great basic safety” to make you more visible when crossing the street (look out for those e-bikes!). Burch, Askeland, and Fraser all recommend reflective leashes like this one. Wilderdog’s five-foot and ten-foot ropes have four strands of luminous tape weaved into the three-eighths-inch rope. Fraser appreciates the locking carabiner clasp, while Askeland loves its robust materials and soft handle. (Wilderdog’s reflective leash also has “quick clip” and slip-style choices if the carabiner clip doesn’t work for you.)

Best bungee leash

Curtis Kelley, a dog trainer and Pet Parent Allies founder, suggests a bungee leash due to your dog’s power and erratic movements. He believes dogs can pull two and a half times their weight forward and downward if the leash is placed at the back of their neck or shoulder blades. “A bigger dog can generate more force than a smaller person can withstand.” He believes a bungee leash absorbs sudden pulling or jumping, reducing the pressure on your shoulder, back, and hips. Kelley suggests this one since it’s available in a five-foot length, which he believes is perfect for daily walks. It has a padded grip, reflective stitching, and three colors.

Best leash for large dogs that pull


The ideal leash for large dogs that pull depends on several things. First, a huge dog’s pulling force requires a sturdy leash. Second, you want a leash that lets you control your dog without hurting it. A no-pull harness, which attaches to the leash and your dog, equally distributes pressure over their chest and shoulders. Heavy-duty nylon or leather leashes are another choice. The optimum leash for your huge dog depends on its size, strength, and behavior, so consult a vet or dog trainer.

Best leash for puppy training


Choose a leash that’s comfy for your dog and provides you adequate control to train them. A retractable leash lets your puppy explore while providing you control. A nylon or leather standard leash gives you more control and stops your puppy from pulling. Choose a leash that’s the right length for your dog and check it for wear and tear. Your puppy’s best leash will depend on their needs and temperament, so seek a vet or expert dog trainer for advice.

Best dog training leash

Stunt Puppy Dry Leash


This 3/4-inch-wide dog training leash is robust and lightweight despite its simple design. “This one wins for durability,” adds Altomare, “because it’s waterproof, has a nice short lead, and is easy to use.” “It’s a big plus that you can just hose it off when you get home from a walk.” BioThane, the material from which it is crafted, is not only highly durable but also impervious to odors. One reviewer also notes its usefulness in directing strolling dog owners whose pets periodically relieve themselves on their leashes.

Max and Neo Dog Gear Double Handle Leash

Added handle a foot from the leash’s end is a nice feature, as Altomare explains. You have full command of the situation (like crossing a busy street) with best puppy leash right by your side. These leashes have a reflective material that helps keep your pet visible once the sun goes down. The company also gives away a dog training leash to a shelter for every one that is purchased.

Best leash for small dog

Best Retractable Dog Leash


This retractable leash from Peteast allows dogs up to 26 pounds to roam freely while providing you full control. The ergonomic rubber handle makes it simple to hold for long periods while holding the leash and pressing the brake button. The product’s sturdy, plated zinc-alloy clip and unique leash slot prevent tangles. This leash is “lightweight and very study,” according to an Amazon reviewer. It locks well. One hand-sized. Fits smaller dogs.”

Best Dog Leash For Pullers

This Dogs My Love slip-style leash is ideal for controlling a little dog that pulls. A riveted sliding leather stopper lets you adjust the collar part of the lead’s nylon rope. The small 1/4-inch width works for pups and dogs up to 12 pounds, while the medium size works for somewhat larger canines. Your 6-foot dog can explore without wandering too far.


Which dog leashes are the best, no matter the dog's breed?
Max & Neo Reflective Nylon Leash, Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness with Leash, and PetSafe Nylon Leash are some of the highest rated dog leashes available. It’s vital to think about your dog’s demands before selecting a leash, as this may vary depending on the breed and size of your dog.
Which dog leash is best for my breed of dog?
Consider your dog’s size, strength, and energy level while making your selection for the right leash. One breed may benefit from a heavier, more rigid leash, while another may do fine with a thinner, more flexible one.
What qualities should I seek out in a high-quality leash for my dog?
Answer some qualities of a high-quality dog leash are that it lasts a long time, is comfortable to wear, is highly visible, and is simple to put on and take off. A comfortable leash is one that doesn’t irritate either you or your dog, while a sturdy leash can take some abuse. Look for brightly colored or reflective leashes to ensure your pet is seen in low light. Finally, an intuitive leash may make going for walks with your dog a pleasurable experience for both of you.
Is it true that retractable leashes are suitable for all dog breeds?
While retractable leashes may be the ideal solution for some dog breeds, this is not always the case. Your dog may like the added flexibility of a retractable leash, but there are times when they can be challenging to manage. A retractable leash may not be adequate if, for instance, your dog has a tendency to pull or lunge.
Why is it important to get my dog a high-quality leash?
The use of a high-quality dog leash can improve your pet’s security, comfort, and manageability. You can rest assured that your dog will be safe and sound while walking with you if you invest in a high-quality leash. The two of you will have more fun on walks thanks to the ergonomic design of the leash, which will also help you bond with your dog.

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