Dogs’ paws serve as both shock absorbers and brakes. They offer additional support and stability on slick surfaces and steep slopes while protecting the foot’s bones and joints. Paw pads are cushioned by a layer of fatty tissue, yet even so, they can break and hurt.

“A dog’s paws are the first encounter with the world around it,” explains Dr. Anthony Hall, a veterinarian who runs a veterinary consulting firm in Dallas, Texas and is an expert on the pet healthcare app Airvet. Walking on a variety of surfaces, terrains, and textures can be harmful to your feet and toes. Nails that are too long risk being trapped in the grating, exposing the paws to dangerously sharp objects or the elements, both of which can cause serious injury.

If your furry friend is in pain when walking, you may have a problem with one of his or her paws. “If they are limping and licking at the paw incessantly or favoring a paw when walking around, you can safely assume that there is something wrong,” says Dr. Brian Bourquin, founder and chief medical officer of Boston Veterinary Clinic. Scratches, cuts, foreign objects (like thorns), punctures, and lacerations are the most common causes.

What is Dog Paw Balm?

Although some pet parents choose to protect their dogs’ paws by providing them with shoes, this is not a long-term solution. Dog paw balm is a topical solution that can be used to protect a dog’s paw pads from harm, as well as to heal and moisturize them if they become dry, cracked, or otherwise irritated. “There are several types of products that people have used to rub on dog paw pads when they are dry, cracked, or irritated,” explains Dr. Stephanie Lantry of Airvet and a veterinarian in Sarasota, Florida.

How to Apply Dog Paw Balm

“Paw wax is great, but you want to make sure it is dog-safe and non-toxic [because] they tend to lick it off,” explains Bourquin. Also, “what you buy should be simple to use and easy to apply.” To avoid spreading germs or disease to your dog, wash your hands before applying paw balm. The balm can then be applied to the paw by rubbing or dabbing. A soft cloth can also be used. Never clean your dog’s paws with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. When a human has a cut or scrape, you may do this, but our fur babies have other regulations.

Some pet owners may choose to give their dog a treat after the treatment in an effort to make the whole ordeal more enjoyable. This will also keep your dog occupied for a while, giving the balm time to work before he or she licks it off. You should apply the balm as often as it says to on the box, which is probably twice a day. The best time to apply is right before your dog goes to sleep at night.

You should also avoid the temptation to lick the dog paw balm off your dog’s paws. It’s not hazardous to them in and of itself, but licking it off does no help, according to Lantry. Licking can be discouraged with the aid of an e-collar (cone of shame). And because of the oil content of many balms, dogs should be careful walking on slippery surfaces after applying them, says Lantry. “This may be more of a problem for older dogs, whose arthritic joints require more traction.” Crate or otherwise confine the dog until the product is dry, as it will leave a sticky residue wherever the dog walks.

Paw cream for dogs

You may buy paw creams for your dog. These ointments will keep your dog’s paw pads from drying out and cracking, which can lead to injury. Dogs’ paw pads can be easily damaged by hot or cold temperatures, rough surfaces, or harsh chemicals. It’s important to find a paw cream that won’t irritate your dog’s skin by sticking to all-natural components. Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and aloe vera are just few of the usual constituents in paw lotions for dogs.

It is important to wash your dog’s paws and dry them fully before applying paw lotion. Gently massage a tiny amount of lotion into the paw pads. A paw balm or wax can also be used to offer an extra layer of defense and function as a barrier against the elements. If your dog is having paw problems, it’s important to see a vet so they can offer the best treatment for your pet.

Lotion for dog paws


While there are paw lotions on the market, paw balms and creams are the better option for your dog’s paws. This is due to the fact that human skin has a different pH level and structure than a dog’s paw pads, and hence most lotions are not suitable for use on them. Dog paw pads are thicker and more durable than human skin, so they have specific needs when it comes to keeping them hydrated and protected. To keep paw pads from drying out, cracking, or becoming wounded, a protective barrier can be applied in the form of a balm or cream. Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E are common natural components.

Make sure the lotion you use on your dog’s paws is mild, odorless, and non-toxic. If your dog has sensitive paw pads, you should only use lotions manufactured with natural components. Lotions containing alcohol or other harsh chemicals can be hazardous. Before applying a new product, such as a lotion or balm, to your dog, it is best to get the vet’s approval to make sure it is safe and suitable for your dog’s needs.

Best dog paw balm

The finest best paw balm for dogs will depend on his or her unique requirements and tastes, but there are many excellent options out there. Here are three top picks from dog owners everywhere.

Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm


Use the Soothe Move CBD Soothing Balm from The Anxious Pet to put an end to hot areas, dry spots, and dry paws. Soothe Move is made up of just natural components and contains 500mg of CBD. Apply the product via massage to the affected areas, and do so as often as necessary. The 2 ounce size is convenient for packing in your dog’s first aid bag or taking with you on trips, treks, or lengthy walks.

KING KALM Dog Paw Balm with CBD


Manuka honey, one of New Zealand’s natural marvels, can only be found in that country. One of the ingredients of KING KALM’s Dog Paw Balm with CBD is manuka honey, a natural salve used for many different types of wounds. Aside from paws, it can be used on the dog’s elbows and snout to keep those areas moist and supple as well. Natural beeswax and CBD oil are two more all-natural components.

Bag Balm

Bag Balm’s Pet Nose, Paw, and Hot Spot Moisturizer is a Vermont-made product that can be used on your dog’s dry, cracked, cut, or scraped skin. You can use this ointment as a preventative measure before taking your dog across ice or rugged terrain.

Natural Dog Company Paw Soother


The effects of utilizing Natural Dog Company’s Paw Soother are almost instantaneous. Protect and heal dry, cracked, irritable paws with the help of this vegan dog paw wax that also moisturizes and soothes. The stick format of this kind makes it convenient for use on paws and noses.

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax


To shield paws from the environment and rough terrain, Musher’s Secret wax creates a permeable barrier that can be easily removed. Its moisturizing formula combines natural wax with vitamin E to relieve cracked, cut, scraped, or just dry pads from sand to ice.

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Restoring Nose and Paw Balm


Using a proprietary blend of beeswax, honey, oils, extracts, and more, this Burt’s Bees lotion for dogs’ paws and noses effectively repairs dry, cracked skin. Users who have tried this product have praised its quick results and low grease content.

Pure and Natural Pet Certified Organic Paw Rescue Balm for Dogs


These all-natural, organic pads are designed to protect your dog’s paws from the harsh elements, including snow, ice, heat, and rough surfaces. Your dog can safely lick this because it is chemical-, paraben-, and fragrance-free.

Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter

This paw butter will soften your pet’s paws and maybe even fill your home with the aroma of freshly baked cookies while doing its job. ‘We adopted a shelter pup,’ says one reviewer. Her paw pads are scabbed over, burnt, and shredded. She obviously spent some time on the streets. They posted a photo of the balm on their shelter dog’s paws and gave it a perfect score. “Amazing. The aroma is incredible. She has a delicious cinnamon aroma.

Bodhi Dog Organic Paw Balm


This Bodhi Dog paw balm is the finest of the best when it comes to natural remedies. Organic shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, hemp seed oil, and calendula extract might all fit on your dog’s paw. So long! This hypoallergenic paw balm is made by a company whose owners care deeply about providing excellent items for pets and their owners.

Best Healing: Paw Gold

Oh, fur’s sake! Yes, it’s true. That’s the brand name, and they have a lot to say about the benefits of their dog paw balm. The mixture works faster and more effectively to relieve dry, injured paws. In addition, it keeps moisture in for continuous defense.


When and why should a dog use paw balm?
Dog paw balm is a protective salve formulated to soothe and moisturize your dog’s paw pads. It protects the paw pads from drying out, cracking, and injury, which is especially helpful in harsh climates.
How frequently should I treat my dog's paws with paw balm?
How often you need to apply it will be determined by your dog’s specific demands, its level of activity, and the weather. Paw balm should be applied at least twice weekly, and more often in dry, cold weather.
Is paw balm necessary, and if not, can I apply human lotion on my dog's paws?
Some human lotions might work on your dog’s paws, but it’s not a good idea. Dog pads, which have a different pH and structure than human skin, cannot be treated with human lotions. Instead of using nail polish remover, paw balm or cream is better for your dog.
Is there anything I should look out for while selecting a paw balm for my dog?
Artificial perfumes, preservatives, and chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates should be avoided in paw balms. Your dog may have skin discomfort from them.
Canines of all breeds benefit from paw balm?
All dogs, from pups to older dogs, can benefit from using paw balm. However, if your dog has sensitive skin or any preexisting medical conditions, you should always talk to your vet before trying any new products on him.

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