Aside from being beautiful and strong, horses are also known for how fast horse they can run. With more than 300 different horse breeds, it might be hard to choose the fastest horse in the world for competitions. The best and fastest horses for you depend on what you want to use it for and what breed you choose. We have made a list of some of the world’s fastest horse breeds.

The ability of horses to work was valued in the past. The horses were used in the past for pulling carts, getting around, and plowing fields, so people would ask, “How much can a horse carry?” or “How far can a horse travel in a day?” In recent years, people have become fond of riding their horses on the weekends as a form of recreation.

Horse racing is also a popular pastime for some people, who want to own the fastest horses. If you’re in the second group and you want to know which horse breeds are the fastest, you’re in the right place.

Here Are the Fastest Horse in The World

American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse

When it comes to speed over short distances, American Quarter horses are unrivalled. On a quarter mile, this breed has the potential to reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. The American Quarter Horse has a faster sprinting speed than any other breed, including the Thoroughbred.

Adaptability, exceptional sprinting ability, and pliability are just a few of the hallmarks of the American Quarter Horse breed. The incredible sprint speed and adaptability of the American Quarter Horse can be traced back to its ancestry in English horses from Virginia.

These equines thrive in ranch and Western riding competitions. In addition, they excel in dressage competitions and can learn the basics of show-jumping as well.

Akhal Teke

Turkmenistan is the country of origin for the strikingly beautiful Akhal Teke horse breed, which has been developed and registered there for centuries. Horses with a cream coat may have a golden sheen, while those with a silver coat may radiate a cool silver.

All over the world, people know them for their ability to keep going in every race. When it comes to speed, the Akhal-Teke horse breed is up there with the best of them, just like the Arab horse. Dressage and show jumping are just two of the many disciplines in which this breed excels.



Andalusians are purebred Spanish horses that originate on the Iberian Peninsula. Due to their bravery and agility, they were first used as war fast horse for cavalry. In addition, they have come to represent the sophistication of Spain Bay. Because of their incredible strength, Andalusians are capable of performing intricate movements with ease.

Their impressive moves are certainly a strength, but that is not all they have going for them. The Andalusians I’ve met have all been extremely athletic, enduring, and quick. These characteristics give them a significant competitive edge in equestrian disciplines like dressage, long-distance racing, and show-jumping. They are frequently featured in mainstream media due to their intelligence, calm demeanor, and good looks.



The Mustang was first spotted as a wild horse in the American West. As a result of its potency and velocity, it is put to good use. The average Mustang horse can run or gallop at speeds of 25-30 miles per hour. Horse Canada claims the top speed for a Mustang is 54 miles per hour over a short distance.

They stand tall, usually between 14 and 15 hands tall, and weigh in at around 800 pounds. The black Mustang horse, though it comes in a variety of colors, is the most well-liked by horse owners and enthusiasts.


The Standardbred is an American horse breed that was developed in New England from a variety of pacing and trotting ancestors. Its ancestry includes the Morgan, the Canadian Pacer, and the Thoroughbred, all of which are extinct today.

In harness racing, Standardbred horses are unbeatable. They are used for trail riding and other riding events because of their adaptability and friendliness. When it comes to competition, standardbreds generally fare well. Barrel racing, show jumping, and other equestrian events are all within their athletic abilities. These extraordinary results are possible because of this breed’s eagerness to learn.

A Standardbred horse’s stature is similar to that of an Arabian, while its Thoroughbred ancestors’ buff shoulders and hindquarters give them strength and speed.

American Paint Horse

In addition to their eye-catching coat color, American Paint horses are well-liked for their pleasant personalities and speedy performances on the track. Their racing abilities and pedigree reflect their quarter horse ancestry. They combine the physical traits of quarter horses and the coat pattern of pintos.

Because of its reputation for reaching speeds of 55 to 60 mph, the American Paint horse is a favorite of cowboys and cattle ranchers in the American West. The United States is home to Paint Horse Racing, an event held at various tracks across the country.

The strength, speed, and agility of paint horses are well-known. Since this is the case, they are used for driving and riding in virtually every Western and English discipline. They participate in a wide variety of events, such as show jumping, barrel racing, cross country, working cattle, combined driving, trail riding, and etc.



Native to North America, the Appaloosa horse was bred primarily for hunting. The Appaloosa horse breed is more than just visually striking; in terms of speed, it can compete with the best of the other horse breeds. It possesses all the qualities essential to a successful racehorse and fast horse, including stamina, power, speed, and so on.

Appaloosas excel at a wide variety of equestrian disciplines, including those based in English and Western riding.


Although they have been timed at 40 mph, Arabian horses are more famous for their endurance. While the Arabian lacks the speed of a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse, it is unrivalled in the sport of endurance racing. They’re the swiftest equine on record when it comes to covering ground. They have the ability to efficiently conserve energy, which allows them to run for much longer periods of time without tiring. One possible explanation for the breed’s remarkable stamina is that it evolved in arid climates.

The Arab horse breed is known for its superior strength and agility despite its smaller size. Apart from having a reputation for show jumping, cutting, reining, riding, and dressage, these horses are also suitable for military officers.

On average, they stand 14.3 hands tall and weigh between 800 and 1000 pounds. A well-cared-for Arabian horse can live for up to 30 years on average.


Can you race a Mustang? Are they a speedy horse?
Of the wild horses in the United States, the mustang has the reputation of being the swiftest.
Which breed of horse is considered the fastest?
While Thoroughbreds are widely regarded as the world’s fastest horse breed, Arabians are renowned for their intelligence and stamina in long-distance riding.
Is it true that Arabian horses are quicker than Thoroughbreds?
Thoroughbreds outperformed Arabians in terms of both sprinting ability and maximum oxygen consumption rate (VO2max). Thoroughbreds had greater stamina than Arabians during sprinting exercises.
What is American quarter horses good for?
The American Quarter Horse is the quickest breed of horse over a quarter-mile distance, which is how the breed got its name. Because of their adaptability and natural “cow sense,” cattle ranchers and rodeo competitors frequently choose this breed of horse.
Are Appaloosas a rare breed?
The population of Appaloosa horses is not only stable but growing. In the 20th century, Appaloosa horses experienced a renaissance, and they are now highly prized all over the world. Their volatile nature makes them inappropriate for novice riders and children. The Appaloosa horse is very unique among equine species.

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