As you all know the winter season is coming over and with the arrival of winter, you all take some extra precautionary steps to keep yourself warm and make your home cozy as well. But what about your paw friends…. they need to be taken care of and keep themselves warm too. You will need some good DIY ideas on how to keep your dog’s house warm this winter. Dogs are just like small babies, not able to sit still, always huffing and puffing so it’s tough to keep them warm in the winter season. So, here are some tricks about how to make a dog house keep your furry friend warm while keeping them in that simple dog house.

Here is a complete guide to building the perfect dog house with a dog house heater. Before heading towards the building steps, first plan out some ideas like how to make a dog house or where to buy a dog house, etc. In this blog, we’ll explore all aspects of constructing a dog house, like how to build a dog house roof, how to build a large dog house, how to build a simple dog house, the materials needed to make a dog house out of wood, and what steps to be taken care of while adding a dog house heater. Let’s go and explore the step-by-step process of building a dog house cheaply with all the coziness inserted.

How To Keep Dog House Warm – 9 Useful Tricks

How To Keep Dog House Warm

Dogs are playful by nature; you can’t keep them inside for a long time. They want to go outside for a walk as well or also they need a space where they can be on their own and play with other furry buddies. Many people don’t know the fact that even fur buddies can be cold too. Dogs who don’t have the thickest skin/ coat will get cold faster than others, so you should think about dressing your dogs in jackets and sweaters in colder temperatures. Don’t ever risk the health of your dog when they show some of the signs like shivering, anxiety, slower movements, whining, or looking for a cozy and warm place to lie on.

If you are looking for some precautions to keep your dog house warm during the winter, then you have come to the right place. Some people think that putting an electric heater is the best decision that they can take to make a dog house warm… then they are wrong. It is the riskiest thing you can do to your four-legged furry friend. Simply take some important steps, that are:

  • Monitor the temperature.
  • Move the dog house to a sheltered position.
  • Hold the present heat.
  • Stuff the house.
  • Use the sunlight to your advantage.
  • Use a rice-filled sock.
  • Buy a microwaveable cushion.
  • Pipe warm air inside.
  • Create a plumbing heater.

By keeping the above tricks in mind, let’s discuss how to make a dog house:

Section 1: Choosing The Right Design and Size

Before building, planning is the initial step. When it comes to building a dog house, there are some important factors that need to be considered. Like determining the size of the dog house. The size is all depends upon the size of the dog. There are several options such as a large dog house, a simple dog house, and even a small dog house for our small paw pals.

Section 2: Selecting The Ideal Materials

If you are considering making a durable doghouse, then wooden material is the best among all. A dog house out of wood is the best option because you can insert a dog house heater inside the house easily. Also, wooden material is affordable as well. So, you will be able to build a dog house at cheap rates, if you consider making a house out of wood.

Section 3: Step-By-Step Construction Process

Now that we have our design and materials ready, it’s time to start the process and start building a cozy and warm dog house. We will guide you through each step of the construction process, from measuring and cutting the wood to assembling the pieces. We’ll also cover important details like how to build a dog house roof, things to be taken care of while adding ventilation, how to make a dog house heater, etc.

Section 4: Adding Extra Features

The small four-pawed creatures simply need love and extra attention. That is why the house you made for them, needs extra attention as well. The heater and proper insulation system is the first and foremost features in winter, that needs to be fixed in a dog house. We’ll discuss how to incorporate a dog house heater to keep your furry friend warm during colder months.

Also, for those who are gaming freaks like Minecraft, we’ll provide a brief guide on how to make a dog house in Minecraft (the game). Follow the game on social media or get the latest updates on Play Store and build a small dog house or a large dog house, as per your liking, and make it with love just as you do in real.

Section 5: Budget-Friendly Tips

Make a budget list first and note down all the necessary items first. Then go shopping by staying on the list. We’ll share some cost-effective hacks to help you build a dog house on a budget. From DIYs to finding affordable options, we will make sure that you can create a cozy space for your pawed friend without spending a lot.

How To Keep a Dog House Warm in Winter

How To Keep a Dog House Warm in Winter

According to most American dog clubs, a dog’s normal body temperature ranges from 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If your dog’s temperature falls below 99 degrees, you should take your canine to the vet right away. That is why, making a warm dog house in the winter is a must for the protection of your doggie’s health. By considering some useful tips and tricks, you can easily build a simple dog house with a dog house heater inserted in it. Here are a few steps you can take to build a dog house cheap and warm as well.

Step 1: Ensure your pup’s house is in “woof-tastic” shape.

If you are buying a dog house or trying to make a dog house… just make sure that its condition is perfect and there are no holes in it. Because the cracks will make the temperature cold and eventually the dog house will be colder. So, make sure your dog house is simple and beautiful with no flaws in it.

Step 2: Insulate your dog’s house.

Make proper arrangements for insulation, because if the insulation wire is in the range of your canine, it will be chewed within a few minutes. So, cover up the insulation with panels, so that your furry friend will not chew it. Insulation will make the temperature of the house warm and your pup, happy and cozy.

Step 3: Elevate your dog’s home.

Elevating the house will hold the warmth inside the house, so build a large dog house. Make sure the ground in your area stays warmer. Elevating your dog’s house can help it retain heat, so make proper arrangements for this.

Step 4: Invest in warm and cozy bedding.

Bedding will keep your four-legged friend warm and comfortable. The first step is to line the floor of your dog’s house with wood. After that, make the floor insect-repellant and then add blankets, towels, and a cozy dog bed to keep them cozy and warm.

Step 5: Fill up excess space.

Filling the dog house’s extra space with spare blankets, old towels, or throw pillows is a great way to reduce open space. Reducing the open space will retain the heat and warmth inside the house and keep your furry pups calm and warm. So, make proper insulation, and ventilation and fill the excess open spaces to keep the dog house warm and your doggy happy.

Filling the dog house’s extra space with spare blankets, old towels, or throw pillows is a great way to reduce open space. Reducing the open space will retain the heat and warmth inside the house and keep your furry pups calm and warm. So, make proper insulation, and ventilation and fill the excess open spaces to keep the dog house warm and your doggy happy.

How To Build Outdoor Weatherproof Dog Houses

How To Build Outdoor Weatherproof Dog Houses

Whether you are building or buying outdoor dog houses, you must look for some features that will be necessary during construction or shopping.


Some of the best dog houses are made of wood or heavy-duty plastic. Plastic houses are quite affordable and durable. They are capable of protecting your dog from extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, wooden houses are a great option too. Just like you are living in a wooden house then why not your furry friend? So, if you’re building a wooden home, make sure to provide full protection on the roof with traditional tar gravel. You can also make vinyl flooring to make the house warm from the inside.

Add A Door

Make a dog house simple with a cute door outside. Because if the house has a big opening without a door, then cold winds will easily come inside and make the house cool. Even something as simple as a vinyl flap or carpet piece will make it a cozy and affordable thing to do.


You should make proper arrangements for insulation to keep your four-legged puppy warm. For this purpose, you can choose rolls of fiberglass, foam board, or loose-fill insulation, according to your budget and requirements. Insulation works to keep heat in and cold out. You should insulate the floor, walls, and ceiling for maximum warmth.

Raised Flooring

Instead of concrete flooring, you must consider the raised flooring option. It will elevate the dog house by 6 inches or more so the cool air won’t come inside. Raised flooring will help with insulation and keeping the space cozy.


Make a dog house according to the size of your dog. It should have enough room to allow your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably. But as we discussed earlier, more space means more cooler winds will come in, so make a simple dog house and fill up the excess space with warm blankets and cozy bedding.


So, here are some tips and tricks to keep warm the house of your furry-pawed friend. So, build the perfect dog house with love and care. Keep this comprehensive guide in mind and build a dog house cozy, beautiful, and comfortable. Remember, making a dog house is not just a DIY project, it shows your love towards your pup. So, make a small dog house with extra love and attention.


How Do You Make a Dog House Warm?
First and the foremost step is insulation you can use materials like foam insulation or even straw to create a cozy barrier against the cold. Or else consider adding a heated dog bed or a heating pad inside the house.
Are Wooden Dog Houses Warm?
Yes but if the wooden dog house is well built with proper insulation it can help hold heat inside the house and keep your furry friend warm.
What Keeps Dog Houses Warm?
The main key factor is proper insulation if the house is properly insulated then it will be less cold. Other factors are equally important like elevating the floor can prevent cold air from seeping in and making a small entrance will minimize drafts.
How To Make a Wooden Doghouse?
First collect the essential items like plywood lumber screws and a saw. Now plan the dimensions and design of the doghouse. Now make proper cutting according to the size and dimensions and then fix with screws and assemble it properly. Make proper arrangements for ventilation and insulation. Finally add comfortable bedding a wooden doghouse is ready.
How To Heat a Dog House?
There are some important things to do to warm up the dog house such as a heated kennel mat a heated pad a heater box moving the house inside heating it with a dryer hose etc.

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