Are you in search of ways how to keep birds off the porch? We understand Having bird droppings all over your deck or porch is one of the worst things that can happen. Walking outside will never permanently drive them away. They keep coming back and flaunting their feathery behinds in your face.

Bird chirping is a strong sign that the days are getting warmer. In this environment, family barbecues, late-night bonfires, all-day pool parties, and early-morning coffee in the yard all occur. While the birds’ song can evoke good memories, if they are invading your space, the nostalgia for the summer may rapidly disappear. Cleaning up bird droppings on a regular basis and waking up to morning chirping can change how you view your feathered friends.

That’s it, then.

Today is the day when you finally prevail. Starting today, you may reclaim what is rightfully yours and take charge of your porch. You won’t longer be the victim. In each battle, they might have won. But you, my friend, will prevail in this conflict. You will discover a tonne of methods for deterring birds from visiting your porch today, as well as how to make their visit unpleasant if they do decide to take the risk.

If you want to keep your property neat and tranquil, try some of these simple solutions to the question of how to keep birds off porch

What Attracts The Bird To Your Porch?

Birds often travel in groups for a variety of reasons. If they decide to make your sundeck their new hangout spot, they will therefore invite buddies. Even though you didn’t personally invite your new avian friends, you may have unwittingly made your outside environment more inviting to them. The degree of clarity in these additions varies. The following is a list of a few possible reasons for the problem:

  • Birds will just see your water features as their new favorite bath, despite the fact that you may have merely built them for aesthetic reasons.

  • Bird feeders can add a lot of individuality to a garden, but they will unavoidably attract attention. If food sources are removed, birds will stay away.

  • Large Shrubs: These are great for building nests, so if your deck is surrounded by vegetation, your bird problem may be exacerbated.

Although it is hard to say for sure why birds would enjoy your deck so much, they can be a real problem. Nobody wants to spend all their time power-washing their deck before they can use it. In light of this, have a look at our finest guidance on how to deter birds from landing in your home.


Getting rid of some of their favorite elements might be an excellent starting point, even though you don’t have to turn your deck into a danger zone for birds. Most frequently, this refers to feeders or water features. Although an occasional fountain can significantly improve your garden’s aesthetic appeal, it also acts as a welcome mat for a variety of birds.

Any open body of water that a bird can drink from or utilize as a bath is loved by them. They won’t care if you don’t own a specific birdbath; they’ll use anything with a sizable pool of water. If you’re tethered to them, try shifting your fountains away from your deck to attract their attention.

How to Keep Birds Off My Porch Using Impolite Light

How Keep Birds Off My Porch Using Impolite Light

Birds don’t like it when sunlight shines directly into their eyes, especially when it’s bright. Do you know how it is when someone purposely shines sunlight into your eyes with their cell phone? Yes, it is irritating.

You can utilize the following reflective techniques:

Luminous Tape

This tape is exceedingly shiny, metallic, and wind-noisy. It can be hung in pieces like decorations or garlands, or it can be strung out like streamers. Because it provides both a visible and an audible deterrent, even while it may not be the most visually pleasing, it can nevertheless be quite effective. If a deterrent contains more stimuli, it is more likely to be effective.


Do you regularly listen to music online? If so, do you also have a surplus of used CDs hanging around collecting dust? Me too. Use them to keep birds away to give them a new use. They can twist and turn and are shiny when hanging on a wire or thread.


If you can find a lot of mirrors, you can hang them, support them on your porch railing, or secure them to your exterior. The same result is achieved by them by reflecting sunlight. Not to mention that if a bird sees its reflection, it can decide not to come back because it thinks the reflection could be a rival.

Twisting Spiral Rods

These resemble wind chimes because they hang and spin in the breeze without producing any sound. For even greater clarity, hang them up near wind chimes. Remember that the more stimuli you receive, the better. Speaking of extra stimuli, the fact that these rods move and are highly reflective may make the birds pause.

How to Keep Birds Off porch Using Decor

Try adding bird-repelling decor when preparing your deck or patio for the summer. These decorations can add attractiveness to your background while deterring birds at the same time. Try the following items for decor:

The Wind Chimes

You and your guests can enjoy listening to the lovely sound while enjoying the summer wind. Birds, however, disagree. Birds will flee from your deck, patio, or porch due to the wind chimes’ noise and movement.

Decoys Or Statues

You may easily deter smaller birds from entering your yard by erecting a statue of a hawk, swan, or other large predator bird. Make sure to mix up the items you add to your yard, such as decoys. Rotating your plastic predator or employing other strategies to keep birds from discovering your tricks will be ineffective.

How To Get Rid Of Birds On Porch Using Bad Odors

No one likes odorous items. There’s a chance the birds bothering you won’t stay if they can smell something nasty. You can either buy a bird deterrent or make one yourself. Just keep in mind to reapply the sprays every week or after a rainstorm.


If you combine lemon juice and water, your porch will smell nice for a time and the birds will stay away. Lemon slices can also be added to this and spread out.


It seems like garlic has applications besides vampires. The olive oil should include many crushed garlic cloves in it. After letting the mixture remain in the refrigerator for a few days, spray it wherever the birds are.

Chili pepper

A different treatment is to mix vinegar, water, and pepper flakes. The birds won’t be hurt, but they will be enough repulsed to stay away from you.

Cayenne pepper

This will only deter the birds; it won’t harm them. Dish soap and water are combined with cayenne pepper, and the concoction is then sprayed as needed.

How To Keep Birds Away From Porch By Resource Blocking

If birds are gathering in your yard, it may be because there are nearby sources of food, water, and shelter. It’s critical to consider if you’re unintentionally providing these resources or if you’re doing it on purpose. If there are too many birds near your deck despite the presence of bird feeders or homes, move these fixtures. If the resources you are providing are not intended for birds, block them or birdproof them. There are several recommendations:

Move The Ponds And Bird Feeders

The fact that birds will gather around a spot where they might find food and water should not come as a surprise. If you want to keep birds off your deck, move these items to a different location on your property.

Cover and seal food supplies

To deter birds, cover any outdoor food sources in your yard, such as barn feed. The size specifications of sealed plastic containers do not include birds. Keep the area neat if feed spills to stop hungry birds from congregating there.

Remove nesting places

Birds adore creating their nests in cozy, confined spaces like gutters, wall holes, and ceiling rafters. Bird nests can be used to block rafters and other places where people like to perch. Small gaps in your wall or other surfaces can be filled with a copper scouring pads because they won’t corrode or splinter and will stay in place.

Keep in mind

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act forbids damaging, moving, or destroying active nests without a permit. Eggs or young are present when the word is active. An active nest that is being constructed before eggs are placed can be removed.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website has a complete list of the hundreds of species that are protected by this Act. Non-native species that are not protected include the European Starling and the House Sparrow. They risk having their nests destroyed, regardless of whether there are eggs or young inside. Just remember to act with kindness and humanity.


What organic method discourages birds?
In the parts of your yard where you’ve spotted birds, scatter baking soda. It makes their toes feel uncomfortable.
What smell will keep birds away?
The main reason why birds don’t enjoy strong odors is that they find them to be quite disturbing. These include lemon, citronella, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, chili, vinegar, cayenne, and chili.
Do wind chimes keep birds away?
Birds are likely to flee at any unusual or startling noises, but they will likely return after they get used to it.
What do birds fear?
Birds dislike loud noises, bright lights, and nearby predators like humans, big animals, and raptors in general.

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