Some of the most popular and well-known largest dog in the world are giant breeds. However, many still exhibit the high levels of working instinct and drive for which they were originally developed, making them difficult to manage. If you’re thinking of welcoming one into your home, here are some things to consider.

  • Large dogs take their own time growing up, intellectually and physically. Young huge dogs’ joints are more susceptible to injury; thus, the activity must be carefully managed to prevent injury.
  • Everything, from food bowls to beds, must be sized according to the dog’s size. Although some really large dogs may live very well in tiny apartments, you should still make sure you have enough room to provide for them. Remember that not everyone or every place will be welcoming to your huge dog. The biggest dogs in the world often surpass the weight limitations set by hotels and residences. Finding reliable dog sitters or dog walkers might be considerably more difficult.
  • The upkeep of a large dog may be pricey. Generally speaking, the heftier the dog, the heftier the fee. You should think carefully about your financial stability and whether or not you can afford a huge dog breed before bringing one into your home. Prices for dog items like food, toys, and bedding tend to be more for large breeds. Medication for large dogs also tends to be more costly.
  • Training is important for all dogs, but it’s more crucial for big breeds. When your dog is a giant, his or her misbehaviors, such as leaping up, counter surfing, and yanking, aren’t nearly as endearing as when they occur with a tiny dog. It’s crucial to start training gigantic breed pups as soon as possible since adult canines will be much heavier than most humans. Exercises should be enjoyable and uplifting at all times.

Our staff at BetterPetsLife has compiled a list of the biggest dog breed that could be perfect for your family if you are all right with all of these possible issues and still believe larger is better when it comes to dogs.

Here Are the Top Largest Dog Breed

Tibetan Mastiff

biggest dog breed

Tibetan Mastiffs, an old and fearsome breed, are noted for their stoic independence and fierce will. These dogs were originally bred to serve as watchdogs at Tibetan monasteries due to their fiercely protective nature and reputation in the region. These magnificent dogs have a reputation for quickly making up their minds about something like a situation and acting accordingly, while having had little to no prior training, making them a poor choice for inexperienced owners.

Saint Bernard

largest dog breed

Saint Bernard, one of the most well-known big dog breeds, was first developed in the Swiss Alps. Initially, the large and strong breed was created to help find and rescue individuals who had been trapped in the snow or buried by avalanches. Saint Bernard’s charming, affable demeanor has made it a fan favorite in the world of movies and entertainment.

Anatolian Shepherd

largest dog in the world

The Anatolian Shepherd is a formidable guard dog that is also territorial, intelligent, and loyal. This breed, which averages 150 pounds, was created specifically to serve as livestock guardians. These dogs are more likely to try to scare away predators than to attack them, making them ideal for the role of guardian ranch dog.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs are large, strong canines with a history that dates back to ancient Rome. These dogs are easily recognizable because of the sloppy wrinkles and folds of skin, they sport all over their bodies; they are also very loyal to and protective of their family. In the same way as with other protective breeds, Neapolitan Mastiffs respond well to regular positive reinforcement training.

Leon Berger

biggest dog breed

A Leon Berger, with its lion-like mane, is a reliable guardian and flexible worker. The Leon Berger, in contrast to many other big breeds, originated as a companion dog for European nobility. It wasn’t until much later that they started gaining popularity as general-purpose farm dogs. To this day, Leon Berger’s are prized as obedient companions and hardworking draught animals.

Great Pyrenees

This breed is enormous and powerful, and it is easy to spot because of its (often) massive white coat. The breed was created to assist shepherds in their duties and to serve as guardians for the flock. The Great Pyrenees are known for their courage and bravery in the face of danger.

Black Russian Terrier

largest dog in the world

These massive terriers may seem intimidating, but they pack a serious mental punch. In the 1930s, the Soviet authorities bred the Black Russian Terrier to produce an aggressive security dog. Those protective instincts remain, and the dogs are also known to be fiercely devoted to their pack and standoffish toward outsiders. These huge canines need to pack a punch and have a steady demeanor.

Cane Corso

biggest dogs in the world

Cane Corso’s loyal, powerful, and attentive. Cane Corso dogs are said to have sprung from ancient Greek guard dogs, but they were almost wiped out as a breed. In 1988, the very first Cane Corso arrived in the United States. Socialization and training must begin at a young age due to their wariness and protective nature.


biggest dog breed

The Bullmastiff is the king of security dogs, earning the nickname “Gamekeeper’s Night Dog.” The breed originated in the 19th century to keep watch over exclusive English hunting grounds and estates. The Bullmastiff is very trainable and responsive to instruction; however, they must be socialized and trained as puppies.

Bernese Mountain Dog

largest dog breed

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a prominent big dog breed recognized by its striking tricolor coat. They excel in drafting and carting and are well-suited to the chilly climate of their native Switzerland, where they were bred to be hardworking, multipurpose farm dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs are well-liked huge pets and family dogs due to their amiable demeanor.

Dogue de Bordeaux

largest dog in the world

The Dogue de Bordeaux is another formidable guard dog, and it has the biggest head of any breed about its body. Early training is crucial since these dogs are emotional and devoted but have a reputation for being difficult.

Great Dane

The Great Dane, one of the most well-known large dog breeds, originated as a guard dog and a wild boar hunter. This large dog breed is known for its friendliness and is hence quite popular. While Great Danes are known for their extroverted personalities, they are also excellent watchdogs.

Irish Wolfhound

biggest dog breed

The Irish Wolfhound, the largest dog breed approved by the American Kennel Club, was developed specifically to track and hunt large prey. Although its predecessors may be traced back to antiquity, it wasn’t until the 15th century that the Irish Wolfhound became a favored tool for managing the country’s wolf population. Today, Irish Wolfhounds are often seen as noble and striking pets.



largest dog breed

The water comes easily to this strong working dog. The species was originally intended to assist Canadian fishermen in retrieving fishing nets from frigid waters and executing heroic water rescues, thanks to its webbed paws and water-repellent outer coat. Even now, these enormous water rescue dogs are put to good service in many parts of the globe. Newfoundland is well-known not only for its enormous size but also for its mild temperament and ease of training.

Scottish Deerhound

largest dog in the world

This huge coursing dog often called the royal dog of Scotland, is one of the world’s tallest canine breeds. The Scottish Deerhound was bred to run and is as fearless as it is fast because of its hunting heritage. Because of its sensitivity and strong familial bonds, this breed often has trouble spending time alone. The Scottish Deerhound has a high prey drive and should only be let off leash or in a securely secured area.

Which dog breed has the most obedient and dependable temperament?
According to the American Kennel Club, a male Saint Bernard may reach a weight of up to 180 pounds and has a reputation for being particularly protective.
What two breeds make up a Tibetan Mastiff?
Many experts think that contemporary big working breeds, such as all mastiff or Molosser breeds and all mountain dogs, may trace their ancestry back to Tibetan Mastiffs.
What kind of dog is Scooby Doo?
One of the largest kinds of dogs, Scooby Doo is a Great Dane. Iwao Takamoto, an animator at Hanna-Barbera Productions, is responsible for creating the character. Takamoto did research on the breed before creating the character, although he made several creative liberties with the show.
Do Tibetan Mastiffs and wolves compare in size?
The Tibetan Mastiff and the wolf are almost the same size and weight, but the Tibetan Mastiff has a considerably fluffier coat. The Tibetan Mastiff’s floppy ears and shorter nose are in stark contrast to the wolves’ pointed ears and lengthy snouts.

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