What Is Colic in Horses 

Colic is abdominal discomfort, although horse owners commonly refer to it as digestive issues. Most horse colic causes are related to gut anatomy and microorganisms.

Most Common Reasons for Colic Are

High-grain/low-forage diets, rotten feed, and abrupt feed adjustments can cause colic in horses.

Do Antibiotics Cause Colic?

They alter intestinal microbes and starch digestion. Colic may occur in horses with dental issues that can't chew their food.

Types of Colic in Horses

Stomach distention

Horse's stomach is small, it can get swollen quickly. High chances that stomach will burst, which is deadly.


Displacement of Colic

Displacement colic is caused by intestinal gas. The abdomen may move, causing pain and blood flow difficulties.


Impaction Colic

Impactions may cause these flexures and diameter shifts. Sand, coarse feed, and dehydration might have impacts.


Gas colic

The gas causes all colic. The stomach and intestines may store gas, intestinal gas causes discomfort.



It is difficult to determine the cause of colic and treatment. Most colic may be treated with medication, but severe may need surgery.


Avoid sudden diet changes. Farms need parasite control. Clean feed, hay, and feed boxes.

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