Why is

Chocolate Bad for Dogs

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Chocolate toxicity to dogs depends on kind, quantity, and size. Let's discuss chocolate and dogs.

Chocolate caffeine and theobromine poison dogs. Dogs take longer to digest theobromine and caffeine, causing chocolate poisoning.

Is chocolate harmful to dogs?

What will happen if a dog eats it? 

If your normal size dog ate a small amount of chocolate, you’ll see signs of an upset stomach.

What will happen if a dog eats a lot of chocolate?

They may show signs of: • Seizures • Tremors • Irregular heart rate • Heart problems. • Internal bleeding

What to do if a dog eats chocolate

Call your veterinarian immediately. Dogs are more likely to recover if they're treated quickly.• Internal bleeding

“May certainly need hospitalization. Chocolate poisoning may kill dogs, therefore veterinary staff must monitor them.”

How is chocolate toxicity treated in dogs

Dogs and chocolate don't go together, there are many tasty and safe treats that will please even the pickiest dog