Are you looking for a cute white fluffy dog breed? Let’s be honest: big dogs are absolutely not for everyone. Many people may relate to the dread of a massive fluff monster running towards them in an enthusiastic greeting. Today are several smaller dog breeds out there that are a little less intimidating but still full of love and personality if you fall into this category but still want to get a dog.

Out of the many hundreds of different breeds of dogs in the world, at least 15 of them only wear white coats. There are numerous dog breeds, among many other color combinations, that only produce white puppies. They may be small, but their loving personality and sharp wit more than makeup for it. If you wish to expand your family with a fluffy white puppy, these small white dog breeds are ideal because they meet all the requirements.

While the bulk of these dogs is small companions, a few of them are large, powerful breeds. So let’s check out the Top 15 white fluffy dog breeds, some of them are large white dog breeds and some of them are small fluffy dogs.


Big White Fluffy Dog

At first glance, large white dog breeds stand out from the other types of dogs. The biggest surprise regarding giant white dog breeds is that they appear bigger than they actually are because of their white fur or coat! It gives them a cute aspect and creates a fantastic aesthetic impact. These huge, fluffy dogs will undoubtedly lure you to them and make you want to cuddle and play with them. We have some most adorable large White Fluffy Dogs…

Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky is protected from the extremely cold temperature in the regions where they pull sleds by its thick, dense coat. They mostly have white with grey and silver tones, while not all of them are entirely white. These dogs have a reputation for having exemplary work ethics, great endurance, and unrelenting activity. In other words, you should be ready to invest a lot of time in exercising your Husky if you own one.

On the other hand, huskies are loving and want to play with their owners. In fact, these canines are renowned for being clownish and mischievous. Huskies can be stubborn as well, so obedience training may require some time and patience.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large, powerful dog from the mountainous areas of France and Spain with a thick white coat. It is a big, fluffy working dog. Don’t let their outward appearance fool you. They are every bit as friendly and laid back as any dog breed.

They are without a doubt among the greatest at protecting their pack. The Great Pyrenees will never abandon its family and will always keep them close by. It’s in their nature because they were bred to protect livestock from wolves in the mountains. Children make great companions for the Great Pyrenees. They are sometimes referred to as nanny dogs since they make such trustworthy pets.


The Kuvasz dog breed is a lovely one, being (very) large and all-white. They indeed belong to a rare breed that is only available in white. They have a double coat that is dense and fluffy because they evolved in the higher mountains of Hungary.

They have thick, odorless coats, which is a fun fact. Finding a working dog breed that is as big and committed to its task as the Kuvasz is really amazing. They were picked by the previous Hungarian monarchs to be the flock guard dogs. They are devoted to their owners wholeheartedly and are affectionate white dogs. The Kuvasz will look out for you, so you can rely on them. This dog will captivate your attention and won’t let it go.

Akbash Dog


Between 750 and 300 B.C., a dog breed known as the Akbash was developed in Turkey. The finest livestock guardians were these gigantic dogs, which may weigh up to 140 pounds. Even now, they are a fearsome defense. They were bred to be autonomous, vigilant, and alert dogs that could take swift action to protect the flock. Because of this, Akbash dogs exhibit some of the highest levels of instinctive and adaptive intelligence found in dogs.

These dogs are not common and are not recognized by the AKC even inside their home nation. Despite this, they are among the fluffiest large white dogs you can find. It’s tough to resist cuddling up to an Akbash when you see one.



Hound dogs like the Borzoi are renowned for their speed and agility. The Borzoi can run as fast as 40 miles per hour, unlike any other dog breed, and does it with grace. They run at the same speed as Greyhounds. They are, however, very mellow and gentle dogs inside the house after they get a chance to regain their breath. Despite having a frail appearance, they are remarkably strong and athletic. They, therefore, make excellent sporting dogs.

Despite having a pleasant temperament, they aren’t the best for teaching obedience. They have even been erroneously referred to as “stupid dogs.” But the truth is that they’re just incredibly stubborn.

Polish Tatra Sheepdog

The Polish Tatra Sheepdog got its name from the Tatra Peaks, a group of mountains in southern Poland. Given how gorgeous they are and how fluffy their white coats are, it is perplexing why they are one of the rarest dog breeds. As implied by their name, these dogs functioned as livestock guardians for Hungarian sheep farmers. These dogs, who can weigh up to 130 pounds, get along well with all other animals without any issues (unless you’re a bad wolf), and they are genuinely nice and gregarious.

Due to their high dog intelligence, they defend the pack through creative strategies than coming at it head-on. In reality, they only act violently when absolutely required, such as when the pack is in danger.

Slovensky Cuvac


The Slovensky Cuvac is one of the most devoted and devoted dog breeds in the canine realm, having originated in Slovakia. Although they expect the same from the owners, they are all about love and respect. But they will take whatever measures to keep them safe.

They can fend off dangerous enemies like wolves, bears, and other large predators thanks to their 100-pound weight. To distinguish them from wild animals in Slovakia, they are only bred with white coats. They were created with a thick, soft, fluffy coat to resist the extreme cold of Slovakia. It goes without saying that these dogs do poorly in warm climates. In snowy areas, they will be happiest and most at ease.

Small White Dog Breeds

Only the Chihuahua may be listed on our list of the smallest white dog breeds, yet both of these dog kinds are capable of sporting all-white coats. If you’re specifically looking for a tiny white dog, we can help. If you want a long-haired dog, a fluffy white puppy, or even a hypoallergenic dog, you can get it here.



Perhaps the only white fluffy dog in the entire canine kingdom is the Samoyed (and Miniature Samoyed). These working dogs are powerful and courageous, but most importantly, they are devoted, affectionate canines who love life. They have natural mouth corners that point upward, giving the impression that they are always grinning. As a result, they are known as “Smiley.” They are a wonderful choice for dogs with allergies because they seldom ever shed despite having beautiful coats.

Samoyeds are incredibly bright and obedient, but they also need a lot of attention. They are very kind toward their family members and hope to be loved in return. To stay happy, they must exert themselves physically to a certain extent.



Some historians claim that the Maltese are a long-standing dog breed that predated the completion of the Bible. For endless years, the Maltese have supported aristocrats and members of the nobility. Given their long, fluffy coats in a majestic white color, it is easy to see why they are highly renowned for their appearance. As a result, they frequently compete in and win at dog shows. Without at least one Maltese, a dog show is never considered complete.

The Maltese dog is a delightful toy companion for many different types of people. They actually rank among the most well-liked breeds of lap dogs globally. They preserve the playful energy that makes them so endearing while carrying themselves with confidence.

Coton de Tulear


The Coton de Tulear is the only dog breed with origins on the island of Madagascar, which is off the coast of South Africa. For this reason, they are referred to as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” With their fluffy white coats, they also give off an air of nobility.

These dogs have a beautifully easygoing, carefree, and vivacious demeanor. They make excellent pals for kids since they are always positive and enthusiastic. Cotons enjoy both unwinding and having fun. They are among the smallest dogs, yet they are tough and resilient. They are among the best pets for new owners because they require little upkeep.



This is maybe the most popular breed of a small dog that originated in Italy. They are highly known for having a calm, kind disposition and a people-pleasing temperament that their owners enjoy. As a result, they are exceptionally obedient dogs. Few little dogs have the same level of loyalty as a Bolognese. They have a temperament that gets along well with laid-back humans and is highly loyal canines. This pup only wants to have fun!

These canines are prone to anxiety, especially separation anxiety. As a result, they are not the greatest choice for hasty or reckless dog owners. You should also make sure they receive the proper instruction in order to reduce the possibility that they will experience anxiousness.



The Poodle’s history and ancestry date back thousands of years. All three varieties of the Poodle—the Standard, Miniature, and Toy—are white, fluffy, and extremely clever. In fact, canine psychologist Stanley Coren ranks the Poodle as the second brightest breed of dog. Even the German Shepherd was defeated by them!

Poodles can have many different color combinations, including black and apricot. The most well-known and recognizable Poodles are white ones. Though it’s quite uncommon to see one other than white these days, my family once owned a black Poodle. The Poodle’s dazzling white coat hides more than the naked eye. Poodles have a protective coat because they were designed to collect birds from large bodies of water.



You don’t see the Puli dog breed very frequently. Despite having white coats, they are arguable the most identifiable dogs thanks to their distinctive dreadlocks coat. Their distinctive coats have earned them the infamous moniker “mop dogs.” Despite having a peculiar appearance, the Puli is a powerful and skilled herder. They flourish best while working alongside their owners and humans because of their strong work ethics and unshakable loyalty.

But don’t be fooled by their outward appearance. Due to their surprisingly high levels of strength, agility, and athleticism, puli pups have earned the moniker “acrobat dog of the world.” And when they’re running at full speed, they do indeed resemble flying white mops.



The Chihuahua is by far the most well-known breed in Mexico and serves as the country’s national emblem. There’s a good reason why people refer to them as “little dogs with enormous personalities.” Nevertheless, despite their diminutive size, they will guard and protect—or at least attempt to. Chihuahuas are well-known for more than simply Taco Bell advertisements. These diminutive handbag dogs have a long history that goes all the way back to the pre-Columbian Mexican civilizations. They have historically been bred for a number of purposes, such as rituals, food, and companions.

Despite the common misconception that Chihuahuas aren’t intellectual dogs, I contend that they are far smarter than most people realize. They just have a resolute personality, that’s all. And a Chihuahua frequently has little dog syndrome.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

One of the most attractive and graceful terrier breeds is the Bedlington Terrier. They differ from other dog breeds with their pear-shaped heads, tasseled ears, and curly coats. They may also be the most adaptable as well. Despite the fact that they were initially created to support mining operations, they today do a variety of other jobs. These dogs have the capacity to be dependable watchdogs, capable competitors, and charming pets. They were able to adapt so well because of their general traits.

In terms of appearance, the Bedlington is one of the oddest dog breeds ever. Additionally, the wild coat may be blue, silver, liver, or any mix of those hues.

Fluffy White Dog Breeds To Avoid

One or both of the ears are born deaf in one out of every ten Dogo Argentino puppies. It usually results from deafness associated with pigment. White-coated, piebald, merle or roan dogs are more likely to have this disease than other breeds. Dogs that are all white are more likely than other dogs to experience hearing issues. The Komondor is the most work-intensive of all the white dog breeds. This is your dog if you are a shepherd looking after a flock. The unusual corded coats need to be handled carefully otherwise. Their coat may become musty, mildewed, or a breeding ground for bacteria if they do not receive routine bathing or proper maintenance, like drying their hair in between baths.


Why has my white dog's hair started to turn pink or brown?
Porphyrin, the pigment that gives dogs their face markings, is found in dog saliva. Therefore, the hair coat of your dog could get dirty from grooming.
Which dog is the most expensive?
Tibetan mastiffs are recognized as the most expensive dogs, having sold for hundreds or even millions of dollars. A Tibetan mastiff puppy was reportedly sold for nearly $2 million in China in 2014, according to AFP, which cited a source in the Chinese journal Qianjiang Evening News.
Which dog has the fastest speed?
Greyhound. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that the Greyhound is the fastest breed of all. Despite being incredibly sleepy the rest of the time, they are born to run and have an astounding top speed of 45 mph.
Who is the world's top dog?
The most popular dog in the entire globe is the Labrador Retriever. The large diversity that the Labrador dog comes in is one of the many factors contributing to its appeal.

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