The majority of people who own cats are aware that they have a strong dislike of water. This trait is perhaps the most well-known. On the other hand, this is not always the case with felines. It is very uncommon for some huge cats, like tigers, to take a swim in order to hunt prey or cool down. Even certain domesticated kinds of cats have been known to enjoy going for a swim when the chance presents itself.

The majority of domestic cats, on the other hand, will go to tremendous efforts to avoid being wet, and behaviors created a variety of different hypotheses to explain why this is the case. One theory proposes that since the species developed in arid areas and had minimal exposure to rivers or lakes, water is an element that they are unfamiliar with and so avoid, with the exception of when they are drinking thats why do cats not like water.

However, it is more probable that cats dislike being wet because of what the water does to their hair when it is exposed to it. Cats are meticulous creatures who spend a significant portion of their time grooming themselves throughout the day. It is quite unpleasant for a cat to have wet fur, and it might take a very long time for the hair to dry. Because wet hair is heavier than dry fur, cats with wet fur are slower than cats with dry fur and are thus easier for enemies to capture.

A Matter of Shock-Factor


Additionally, the reason why do cats hate baths? there is a shock¬†factor to consider. A cat may develop a lifelong phobia of water if, for instance, it is traumatized by the experience of falling into a full bathtub by accident. This phobia may last for the cat’s whole lifetime.

However, it seems that many felines find amusement in the act of playing with moving or falling water, such as that which comes from a faucet. Behaviorists say that cats are attracted to the motions of the water and the noises it generates because all of these factors might enhance a cat’s instinctive impulse to grab prey. Because the cat’s paws are the only parts of the animal that get wet during this kind of play, even cats who normally avoid water are OK with it.

Some domesticated cat species, such as the Bengal, the Maine Coon, and the Turkish Van, have been bred to have less of a fear of water and even look forward to taking the odd dip. These breeds stand out from others because of the distinctive texture of their fur, which gives them superior resistance to the effects of moisture.

There are some cats who actually enjoy the water!

Do cats like water? Well, yeah, some do because cats are curious animals; surprisingly, some of them even like being in the water. It is not unheard of for some owners to talk about their cat’s fondness for it. Playing in streams of water and pawing at its surface certainly have more to do with the brightness and shine of the water than with anything else.

One type of cat, in particular, the Turkish Van, is renowned for its affinity for the water and has earned the nick moniker “the swimming cat” as a result of this trait. Other varieties of cats also have this trait.

Why do cats dislike water, yet they play with a running faucet?

The mysterious fact is that certain cats are mesmerized by moving water and drink even from a running faucet, yet they will not drink from a bowl of still water “the attraction is likely more about the movement of the water, the noise it creates, and the light shining off of it.” The intense instinct to hunt that cats have is increased by this.

Other professionals are of the opinion that cats have developed to the point where they like the fresh, sanitary water from the faucet over the stagnant water found naturally. You won’t believe how funny cats playing in the water are until you see these hilarious cat memes.

They would rather soak up the rays of the sun than take a dip in the pool.


The Felis Sylvestris lybica was a little wildcat that thrived in arid, desert regions in the Middle East. Its progeny, the domesticated cats that we love to cuddle, are descendants of this cat. They were not prone to playing in the water since there were few water sources, and they preferred to keep their paws and coats dry while basking under a desert sky instead of frolicking in the water.

The inclination to lie in the sun and worship it is perhaps a trait that has been handed down to current domesticated cats, who like stretching out in sunny locations while they sleep. As a side note, this is the kind of thing that goes through the minds of cats while they are napping.


Why are cats so concerned about the water?
A cat may feel threatened by water that is just sitting there, and this may cause the cat to run away from the water. They are more susceptible to harm if they drink from a bowl. If the water level in the bowl does not remain consistent, it will be impossible for them to determine where the water really begins.
Does a cat really hate water?
Often these domestic cats don’t really like water, but their wild relatives, like tigers, use it to cool off or find food.
What kind of cat follows you around the most?
Picture of the friendliest cat breeds. Some cats are just naturally clingy, and purebred cats like the Siamese and the Abyssinian are known for this trait.
Does a cat miss its owner?
When people go away, it seems like their cats go with them. If a cat goes missing, it could be because they are upset and miss their owner. This could be because they are hiding or taking their own vacation. Illness. Some cats get sick when their owner goes out of town or when their daily routine changes.

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