Are you looking to buy a new bird feeder but also want to know how to entice Northern Cardinals to visit your yard?

Cardinals have been selected as the state bird in seven different states due to the stunning red color of their feathers. Since it is simple to recognize this bird, people of all ages will be able to take pleasure in the presence of a Cardinal whenever they come to town.

If you are not familiar with selecting bird feeders or the appropriate type of seed, you may end up attracting other common species instead of the birds you were hoping to see.

You will have a much easier time luring Northern Cardinals to your property if you spend some time educating yourself about the different kinds of feeders and seeds that are available to you.

Here Are the Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals

Woodlink Going Green Platform Feeder

Woodlink Going Green Platform Feeder

The feeder is 12.63 inches long, 12.75 inches wide, and 2.13 inches high. It has four large, wide sides where several cardinals can sit comfortably.

Since there are no holes or ports for food to go through, you can throw any kind of food or even a mix of foods on this platform. This feeder is also very flexible because of this.

All of the most important criteria for a cardinal bird feeder are met by this feeder. It doesn’t have to keep food dry because it has a platform style. Remember that you should only put out enough food for a couple of days at a time in platform-style feeders. If you put out a little too much one day, you don’t have to worry because it has a screen bottom for drainage. And the powder coating keeps it from rusting. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also very durable. It is screwed together to make it as strong as possible and last for a long time.

Cleaning is also very easy. This feeder can be fully cleaned by letting it soak in a bath of bleach and water. Recycled plastic platform feeders don’t soak up liquids as wooden ones do, so they dry out quickly when exposed to air.

Even though looks aren’t the most important thing, I think this feeder’s dark green color looks sharp.

Woodlink 3-In-1 Platform Feeder

It ought to be common knowledge at this point that platform feeders are the most effective kind of bird feeder for cardinals. It has multiple sides that you can perch on, as well as over ten inches of space that allows you to comfortably lean forward and eat.

Because of its poor score in the category of “easy to clean,” this platform did not cut the best list. It is difficult to properly clean and dry because it is made of wood, so this presents a challenge. Because proper cleaning requires a 10-minute soak in bleach and water, drying this feeder would require a significant amount of time due to the lengthy process involved.

If you don’t mind leaving the feeder out in your yard for several days (or even weeks) after cleaning it, this could be the ideal feeder for you to use if you want to attract cardinals to your property.

Droll Yankees Classic Bird Feeder & Seed Tray

Classic Bird Feeder

The Droll Yankees tube feeder is made of metal (on top) and a polycarbonate tube, so it will last for many years and be easy to clean. With its solid enclosure, the seed stays dry, preventing mold from growing and making the birds sick.

Among the seeds it contains are sunflower seeds and a mix of other seeds.

This tube feeder comes from a company called Droll Yankees, which has been in business since the 1960s. They are not a fly-by-night company or one that makes a hundred different plastic items. They have spent half their lives in order to study and improve products for people like us who like to watch birds in their backyards. This means that their products are made to work well and last a long time. It’s also clear from the way they’re made.

If you are going to choose this bird feeder for your cardinals, keep in mind to always buy the “seed catcher,” which is a perch for the cardinals. This is crucial!

Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Woodlink Absolute II is a squirrel proof bird feeder that gets good reviews. The cardinals will eat from this feeder, but the perch is not as deep as those on platform-style feeders.

Still, this feeder did well in all the other important ways that a cardinal feeder should do. It has a lid to which keeps the seed dry, holds sunflower and safflower seeds, which are two of the cardinals’ favorite foods, is made of strong and durable metal, and is easy to fill and clean.

This feeder can hold a lot of bird seed, but only if you use it up quickly. You don’t want to leave old seeds in the feeder for months at a time.

This feeder is a good choice if you want a feeder that squirrels can’t get into or if you want a feeder that works well for cardinals and other birds.

Droll Yankees Dorothy’s Cardinal Platform Feeder

Last but not least, the Droll Yankees Dorothy’s Cardinal Platform Feeder 15′′ is the best bird feeder for cardinals. This feeder also comes in two smaller sizes, but the 15-inch one has the most space.

All of the key requirements were also met well by this feeder. On this feeder, several cardinals and other birds can gather together. Cardinals can sit comfortably on it because it is round and has a wide base.

The height of the dome can be changed, but bigger birds like cardinals probably need it to stay high. As a platform feeder, it’s very easy to fill up. Just throw in enough food for two days, and you’re set for two days. It’s also easy to clean. The top comes off of the base, and the whole thing can be cleaned by soaking it in bleach and water.

Cardinal Bird Feeder Buying Guide

Cardinal Feeders Which Hold Cardinal-Favorite Food Are the Best

Find a bird feeder that can hold at least one of the cardinal’s preferred types of food for the birds. The following are the cardinals’ preferred feeder foods, listed in order of preference: peanuts that have had their hulls removed, black-oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and striped sunflower seeds

Cardinal Feeder Which Has Durable Construction

Cardinals are birds that are present throughout the year, which means that they will be around to experience everything that mother nature has in store for them. The bird feeder must be long-lasting so that it can withstand the elements throughout the year, particularly if you reside in a region that has a dramatic change in temperature throughout the year.

Look for a bird feeder that is made out of one or more of the following materials: plastic, or metal (including recycled plastic).

Cardinal Feeder Which Is Easier to Refill

Bird feeders that are simple to restock will see more use and, as a result, will draw in a greater variety of winged visitors. While you are trying to fill it, if you fumble and spill food all over, and it makes a huge mess, you will become frustrated with the product, and you are unlikely to continue using it.

Look for a feeder that has an opening that is easy to access for refilling.

Cardinal Feeder Which Is Easier to Clean

To maintain the health of wild birds and stop the spread of disease, bird feeders should be cleaned regularly. If you are Having trouble figuring out how to thoroughly clean a bird feeder, look for a bird feeder that can be easily disassembled and is made of materials that are not porous, such as recycled plastic or metal.

This will make it much simpler to clean the feeder after it has been used.

Cardinal Feeder Should Keep the Food Dry

When bird food gets wet, especially when it’s hot and humid, it can grow mold. When birds eat moldy food, they can get sick. In order to prevent our feathered friends from getting sick, we have to prevent them from spreading their illnesses to other birds, which can make them sick or even kill them.

Putting out enough food for a day or two will suffice if you don’t want to buy a feeder with a cage and a roof. The birds will eat it before it gets wet and grows mold. Even though this method takes more work, it’s worth it because you’ll see more cardinals.

How do I know? I do these things. Cardinals really like platform feeders because they have a wide place to sit and can put out all of their favorite foods at once. They don’t protect you from the weather, though.

If you can’t commit to putting out only a couple of days’ worth of food at a time, look for a feeder with a cover and roof to keep the food dry.

Cardinal-Friendly Perches Are the Best Cardinal Feeders

Cardinals are almost 9 inches long, which makes them bigger perching birds than chickadees, which are only about 5 inches long and are also common feeder birds. Because they are so big, cardinals need to sit farther away from the food than smaller birds. If you like to see things as I do, check out the picture below.

Even though any hungry bird can use the perch, we’re looking for the best bird feeder for cardinals that doesn’t require them to twist themselves into a pretzel to get to the food. Also, we want the beautiful wild animals to come back, so why not make it easy for them to get to the food?

Cardinal Food Tips

  • The kind of food that is served is extremely important. Black-oil sunflower seeds are a favorite food of cardinals. Begin by offering them these seeds to pique their initial interest. They also have a soft spot for safflower seeds, even if they aren’t aware of it just yet. After you’ve gotten their attention with the black-oil sunflower seed, throw some safflower into the mixture so they can sample it. They will return at that time to get the safflower seed.
  • The three most important words in real estate are “location, location, location,” as the saying goes. The same holds true for luring cardinals to your yard.
    Cardinals are relatively reserved birds, even when compared to other species of social birds. It is likely that you will be able to attract a greater number of them to the feeder if you move it further away from the house.


Do Cardinals Require Unique Feeders?
Yes. Cardinals are relatively large perching birds and thus require ample space to perch and stoop to reach food.
Do Cardinals prefer platform-style feeders?
Yes. Cardinals are fond of platform feeders. Cardinals need space to perch and feed, which platform feeders provide. These feeders also allow you to provide all the foods cardinals enjoy.
How high should a Cardinal Feeder be hung?
Unimportant is the height of a cardinal bird feeder. Since they are ground-dwelling foragers, you can even use a ground-style platform feeder to attract them.
Which Feeder Color Attracts Cardinals?
Cardinals are not drawn to the color of the bird feeder. Instead, the type of food and feeder design is more crucial. Large perches and their preferred foods, such as black-oiled sunflower seeds, will attract them to feeders.

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